Buying Military Service Bad Precedent

Buying Military Service Bad PrecedentBuying Military Service Bad Precedent

Buying off military service would be an “incorrect measure” and parliament’s objections will certainly be communicated to the affiliated officials of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, said head of Majlis Social Committee Abdolreza Azizi.  

There are several eligible persons who are dodging conscription and are seeking to “buy off their enlistment. Such a measure will only set a bad precedent,” the lawmaker stressed. He noted that while only wealthy families will be able to pay, those who are not well-off would have to serve their terms. The measure would thus be “inequitable and solely in favor of the wealthy.” Instead, he suggested recruiting conscripts for five years as is the case in the US, reported ICANA.

If the proposed plan is meant to generate revenue, it should have been introduced long ago. Implementing it now when several people have dodged the compulsory service will invite “wrongful behavior and encourage other eligible persons to evade serving their term knowing that they have the option to buy it off later,” Azizi warned.

The parliament intends to call a meeting with members of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces to discuss the issue and express objections.

In the latest budget plan for the next Iranian year (beginning March 21, 2015) a proposal has been made to reintroduce military enlistment “within a new format.” Once the note is passed, the government will be allowed to exempt eligible persons who have evaded service for more than ten years, to pay the penalty “for their absence.” The fines may vary between $6500-$165,000.