Scheme to Support Working Children

Scheme to Support Working ChildrenScheme to Support Working Children

A new scheme will be launched early next month to provide social and psychological support to working and street children, ISNA quoted head of the State Welfare Organization, Anoushiravan Mohseni Bandpei as saying.

As part of the scheme, the SWO will offer educational programs and  social counseling services to working children and their parents.

Moreover, the SWO as well as Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation have allocated funds for the needy families of working children. They hope this money will help reduce the financial burden on the families so that they are relieved of the need for what their children earn, the official said.

“If a child is referred to SWO for a third time, the child’s custody will be taken away from the family, at least temporarily, and the child will be sent to SWO centers,” said Bandpei. Talks are underway with judicial bodies to help enforce the scheme.

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