White Fly Harmless

 White Fly Harmless White Fly Harmless

Head of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization explaining about new insects in the Capital, said "white fly" is not a dangerous pest so no poison spraying should be undertaken lest it harms the environment.

Mohammad Mokhtari confirmed reports on swarms of insects in some areas of Tehran. "Due to the increase in temperature, white fly is seen frequently in Tehran District 6, but to avoid polluting the environment, only regular methods such as washing with insecticide liquids (like Palizin) and collecting and disposing fallen leaves are used," ISNA reported.

Excessive spraying itself is a cause for increase in white fly because other insects that hunt these flies are eradicated by spraying of poisonous substances, he added.

Although Tehran is coping with the problem of insects and municipality has confirmed the reports, Ali Mohammad Saheri, head of sustainable development, Department of Environment, at Tehran Municipality, denied the problem and said no reports on insect growth has been received.

The silver leaf white fly (Bemisia tabaci), also informally referred to as 'sweet potato' fly is one of several whiteflies that are important agricultural pests.