China Decrees New Rules When Singing Anthem

China Decrees New Rules When Singing AnthemChina Decrees New Rules When Singing Anthem

China's 1.3 billion citizens may soon find it much harder to belt out their national anthem at will. A series of rules proposed by the government will set strict limits on when, where and how "March of the Volunteers" -- the anthem of the People's Republic since 1949 -- can be performed, CNN reported.

The anthem is not allowed to be played or sung at private weddings and funerals, dancing parties, commercial events, or any other setting with "an inappropriate atmosphere."

When singing the anthem, people should dress appropriately, stand still and be full of energy, according to the government.

People also must sing the powerful marching song in its entirety, enunciate every word and follow the rhythm. No one is permitted to start or stop singing midway -- and altering the melody, lyrics or musical arrangement is forbidden. No whispering, applauding or talking on the phone, either, while the anthem is played.