Urban Plans Linked to Alleviating Obesity

Urban Plans Linked to Alleviating ObesityUrban Plans Linked to Alleviating Obesity

Efficient urban planning that promotes walking and encouraging restaurants to include low-calorie and fiber-rich meals on their menus are key measures to combat the increasing rate of obesity, overweight and diabetes in Iran, according to health deputy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Speaking at the two-day seminar on obesity and diabetes updates in Tehran, Mohammad Shariati cited obesity and related health conditions as major challenges, IRNA reported.

“Data obtained from the university’s Centralized Health Network (known by its Persian acronym SIB) shows that 30% of those registered in the network are obese and 40% are overweight,” he said, adding that the rate of diabetes has also increased in this category.  He emphasized that promoting a healthy lifestyle is integral, which demands reforms in urban development plans and the food industry.  The seminar was held on Aug. 12-13 at Imam Khomeini Hospital.

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