Kermanshah Nomads Move to Warmer Climes

Kermanshah Nomads Move to Warmer ClimesKermanshah Nomads Move to Warmer Climes

Concurrent with the beginning of the cold season, 14,000 nomadic households in Kermanshah with 1500 livestock have started to migrate to warmer climes of Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan and Khuzestan Provinces.

Nomadic households of Kermanshah Province produce more than 10,000 tons of red meat, 29,000 tons milk, 600 tons animal oil, and more than 1630 tons of different kinds of animal fibers, which play an important role in the production of animal products and add to the national accounts, ILNA quoted Ali Ashraf Azadi, general director of Nomadic Affairs Office, Kermanshah Province, as saying.

From the beginning of this calendar year (started March 21) daily 30 tankers have been providing more than 1000 cubic meters of potable water for nearly 7000 households and their livestock. Water distribution will continue till the end of the year.

For easy access of nomads to the nearby rangelands and pastures, in the first half of the current year over 120 km of the roads and passageways that they commonly use have been repaired and restored.

 Gas Supply

Azadi also pointed to other positive measures taken by the provincial nomadic affairs organization including distribution of gas cylinders at approved prices to nomads in urban stations. Also 5 fuel distributor vehicles were utilized to distribute liquid gas to a section of the tribal families. “The steps have been taken to prevent degradation of the country’s pastures and forests by providing clean fuel to nomadic households.”

He also pointed to the initiatives taken by nomadic unions and cooperative companies during the drought period. The companies purchased over 1000 tons of barley and concentrated animal food and stored them in warehouses belonging to the Nomadic Affairs Office. The stored food is distributed gradually among nomadic households before and during migration.

In order to reduce the risk of road accidents, more than 2000 warning brochures have been distributed among drivers along the nomads’ migration route. Also more than 3000 lodging cards for their accommodation in border areas and 4000 temporary travel permit cards for carrying supplies for nomads, have been issued.