Poor Waste Management in 280 Hospitals

Poor Waste Management in 280 HospitalsPoor Waste Management in 280 Hospitals

A total of 287 hospitals in Iran have poor waste management strategies, according to the head of the work and environment health department Health Ministry.

The hospitals, whose names were not revealed, “have been warned over disposal of hazardous wastes and given a deadline to redress the problems,” Fariba Malek Ahmadi said, Tasnim reported. According to the World Health Organization, of the total amount of waste generated by hospitals, about 85% are general, non-hazardous waste.  However, the remaining 15% are considered hazardous that may be infectious, toxic or radioactive and their disastrous effects linger for over 50 years.

Hospital waste accounts for approximately 1-2% of the total urban waste in Iran and requires special attention and management for disposal.


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