Taking Too Many Medicines Risky

Taking Too Many Medicines RiskyTaking Too Many Medicines Risky

People who have crossed 65 years of age and take five or more medicines daily (including herbal supplements and other over-the-counter medications) are at increased risk of death.A recent study warns that older adults who take more than five medications, are at increased risk of falls, frailty, disability and even death, reported. Participants took detailed testing that assessed physical health, mental wellbeing, and mobility at the start of the study and at yearly follow-up appointments. The results suggested that 34% used five or more medications during the study period (June 2011-February 2016) and 10% used more than eight medications. Those who took eight or more medications, had slower walking speed. The team concluded that there was a link between ‘polypharmacy’ and walking speed. The research is published in the journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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