Storage of UCB Cells

Storage of UCB CellsStorage of UCB Cells

One of the best ways to treat blood diseases is using stems cells, since the method has a success rate of more than 70%.

Women with healthy pregnancies can store cord blood as a precaution, to ensure that the ‘medical miracle’ of the future is available to their children if needed, reported.

Since the beginning of the current year (started March 20), 25.7 million rials ($645) is charged for collection and genetic testing of Umbilical Cord Blood Cells and the charge for five-year storage is $120.

The Royan Stem Cells Technologies Institute has created capacity to save 100,000 samples of UCB at its cord blood bank, according to Dr Morteza Zarrabi, its managing director.

“So far, over 75,000 samples have been stored in the institute’s private and public banks,” he said.  


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