TVTO Teams Up With ILO Center to Train Workforce

TVTO Teams Up With ILO Center to Train WorkforceTVTO Teams Up With ILO Center to Train Workforce

Iran’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO) and the International Training Center of the ILO (ITC/ILO) signed an agreement on Saturday for cooperation in labor force training.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on the sidelines of the 106th Session of the International Labor Conference from June 5-17 in Geneva.

“The most important issue facing countries today is lack of congruence between the labor market and existing skills, hence the need to bring compatibility between the two,” said Hassan Hefdahtan, international affairs director of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare, at the signing ceremony, Mehr News Agency reported.

The ILO and the Italian government established the International Training Center in 1964 in Turin as an advanced vocational training institute. The center provides training and related services that help develop human resources and institutional capabilities, thereby contributing to achieving the ILO’s goal of decent work for women and men. 

Five regional teams ensure that training for the world is relevant and appropriate to local needs, aspirations and conditions. This takes place in Turin, in course participants’ home countries or via the Internet.

The TVTO has for years explored cooperation with foreign institutions to improve international collaboration, enhance vocational education, and 

improve the quality of training

“Studies show that 38% of work-related problems in the Middle East are work structure-related, and providing training on par with international standards can be instrumental in addressing problems,” Hefdahtan said.

Work-related hazardous incidents and injuries comprise a large part of those problems. The economic burden of work-related injuries varies between 1.8% and 6% of GDP in country estimates, the average being 4% according to the ILO.

“With that money, millions of jobs can be created inside Iran,” Hefdahtan stressed. 

“This cooperation will help provide training and related services that develop human resources and institutional capabilities in the country.”

Hefdahtan pointed to TVTO potential, highlighting that it has 200 state centers for free training as well as 12,000 private centers, all licensed by the Labor Ministry.  Every year, around 2 million students receive training through 700 governmental centers and 14,000 private institutes under the auspices of the TVTO. Iran ranked fourth among 52 nations in WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 competition by winning two silvers, one bronze and eight accolades.  WorldSkills competitions are held every other year and the best skilled workers from all over the world compete for the global title. “Given TVTO standings, the opportunity to develop joint cooperation at a global level, especially with the ITC-ILO holds great significance for us,” the ministry official noted.


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