Public Coop. Needed to Help Addicts

Public Coop. Needed to Help Addicts Public Coop. Needed to Help Addicts

Public authorities and people need to change their mindsets to accept rehabilitated drug addicts back into the society, said Mohammad Hadi Ayyazi, deputy health minister.

“There are enough treatment facilities for the 1.3 million addicts in the country, but the problem we are facing is the vicious circle where they go back to addiction after being rejected in the society and families,” he told IRNA on Monday. Noting that only 5%-10% of drug addicts in Iran stay clean after rehab and the rest return to substance abuse, he said, “The issue to be addressed is not shortage of de-addiction treatment centers, but training the public psyche to accept recovering addicts and welcome them back into the society. Drug relapse is a common occurrence globally with only 20% of addicts staying clean after rehab and recovery.

“Social ills like addiction and divorce are complex issues, and their remedy calls for intersectional cooperation by the government and the general public,” he said.

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