Patrons Help Build 140,000 Classrooms

Patrons Help Build 140,000 ClassroomsPatrons Help Build 140,000 Classrooms

Charity donators and benefactors have contributed to the establishment of more than 140,000 classrooms across the country, Mohammad Reza Hafezi, director of Tehran Charity School Organization announced.

Nearly 550,000 benefactors residing in Iran and 1000 living abroad have helped in building 140,000 classrooms (30% of the overall educational spaces) for the ministry of education during the past 17 years, IRNA quoted him as saying.

The charity organization was first established 18 years ago, and “has brought about radical improvement by helping build and develop educational spaces within the country,” he said at a meeting of board of directors of charity schools in Amol, Mazandaran Province.


During its first few years, the organization received approximately $ 6 million of public donations for building schools. This year, the number has increased to nearly $ 7.5 million.    

With the help of philanthropists quadruple-shifts in schools were reduced to double-shifts and in some provinces even single shifts. This speaks a lot regarding “high public concern toward educational issues,” he noted.  

He further added that an Iranian benefactor living in the United Kingdom has contributed approximately $ 25 million, and another in Canada has contributed $30 million. The donations have had a great impact on the development of educational spaces.

Hafezi urged the provincial governor and head of the education department to identify people from Mazandaran who reside in metropolises like Tehran and are well-off, to attend fundraisers and charity galas with the purpose of establishing more schools.