Remarriage in Old Age

Remarriage in Old AgeRemarriage in Old Age

A report released recently by the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) said 99% of Iranians above the age of 60 have been married once in their lifetime.

Currently, 9% of men aged 60 and above live alone while the figure is 49% for women, Salamat News reported.   

Earlier, Saeid Moidfar, sociologist and university professor had said, “Today, unlike in the past, young divorced women are not prepared to remarry, especially men who are much older as was the case in the past, and they are ready to forsake remarriage.”

That is the reason the number of senior women who live alone in old age is higher than men. Annually, around 8,000 marriages between people aged 60 or older are registered across the country.

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