Brain Tumor Day

Brain Tumor DayBrain Tumor Day

Brain tumor is the most common type of cancer affecting children today after leukemia, said Dr. Azim Mehrvar, pediatric oncologist at MAHAK, the largest non-governmental organization in Iran that supports children suffering from cancer. “Surgery is one of the most effective methods to treat this type of cancer among children,” he said ahead of the World Brain Tumor Day (June 8), IRNA reported.

Common symptoms include seizures, persistent and severe headaches (migraines), persistent nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, behavioral and mental alterations, progressive weakness or paralysis of limbs located on one side of the body, and speech and vision problems.

World Brain Tumor Day helps raise public awareness and education on brain tumors, which most people are ignorant about. It is also a day to help the affected people in facing their challenges through various programs.

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