Hospital Accreditation Process Underway

Hospital Accreditation Process UnderwayHospital Accreditation Process Underway

The first phase of evaluation of hospitals in the country for the purpose of validation has been completed, and the hospitals will be given accreditation certificates after the information collected is verified and analyzed.

Assessments were carried out in the 900 hospitals (including 350 private) across the country based on 900 criteria, by 300 evaluators who were selected through a national test.

Hospitals will then be classified under a ranking system based on which their medical tariffs will be determined.

Accreditation is a key method to improve quality of services in hospitals.

According to Mohammad Aqajani, deputy for treatment affairs at the Health Ministry, the process was initiated a decade ago, but it entered “a new phase” last year with new criteria.

“The latest round designed last year was undertaken in seven phases with new standards set in collaboration with 400 experts,” he said, ISNA reported.

A booklet containing information on how to apply the standards was also compiled and sent to medical centers.

To provide hospitals with details of the accreditation process, workshops were held for hospital managers in 10 major hubs.

Aqajani pointed to the safety of hospital buildings and rate of medical errors as the most significant features of the program.

“Nearly 146 of the 900 criteria are related to building safety and medical errors.”

The quality of hospital stay facilities has also been included in the evaluation criteria for the first time. Respecting patients’ rights and complying with medical laws as well as environmental regulations are the other key standards.

Since quality of medical services is important, the assessment will be carried out each year which may see a hospital rise or fall in ranking.

“If a hospital falls to a lower rank, its tariffs will be reduced and consequently its revenue will decrease,” the official warned.  Standardization of services offered in hospitals is one of the three goals of the 2014 Health Reform Plan and accreditation is the best means of achieving this goal.

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