Kerman Gets First Dental Center

Kerman Gets First Dental CenterKerman Gets First Dental Center

The budget resources for the Health Reform Plan will be obtained from the targeted subsidy plan, value added tax, and the annual budgetary allocations to the health ministry, deputy of the Majlis economic commission, Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi said.    

Fortunately, the “positive interaction between the parliament and government” has paved the way for stabilizing revenue sources for the health plan, the MP said at the opening ceremony of the first dental and oral healthcare center in Kerman, ICANA reported.

The Health Reform Plan, which aims primarily at reducing medical costs and improving the quality of healthcare in public hospitals, was launched in May as part of a nationwide health insurance program promised by President Hassan Rouhani during his election campaign.

Other programs include, furthering natural childbirth, improving the quality of catering in public hospitals, encouraging physicians to stay and work in disadvantaged regions, supporting the public hospitals with resident and specialist physicians and  providing financial support for patients with virulent diseases.

 Fiscal Discipline

The lawmaker added that stabilizing the budget will be carried out in line with the guidelines of financial discipline.

Part of the financial resources of the ministry of health need to be earmarked for prevention of diseases; establishing the first oral and health care center in Kerman will help prevent oral and dental diseases and as well as hefty medical costs.

A benefactor from Kerman has agreed to donate land for the construction of a second oral health care center in an underserved area in Kerman, he said. The Majlis supports all plans and bills related to public health, the MP added.