IAU to Cut Costs

IAU to Cut CostsIAU to Cut Costs

Currently, ninety percent of the Islamic Azad University (IAU) expenditure is covered through tuition fees paid by students, Ali Asgari, parliamentary deputy of the IAU said.    

The university aims to reduce costs and dependence on tuition fee “by commercializing science, promoting knowledge-based economy, and establishing business incubators. All these methods are commonly incorporated by universities across the world,” he said.  

Commonly referred to as Azad University, the IAU is the world’s fourth largest university system, and also the largest global private university. It currently has an enrollment of 1.5 million students, and over 100 branches in the country and abroad. The IAU functions on donations and tuition fees, and is non-reliant on government funding.

Asgari added that the university “has no choice but to take loans for initializing and completing construction projects. The salaries of professors and employees also account for a large percentage of the expenses,” he said, ICANA reported.

 Other Sources

According to plans which have been communicated to all branches, this year the head of each branch is required to provide twelve percent of the expenses from sources other than tuition fee. The figure will be increased to 16% next year.

Till now the tuition fee has increased at a standard rate based on the decisions of the board of trustees. Although the aim is to reduce expenditures and obtain funds from alternative sources, this does not necessarily entail reduction in tuition fee, the official said, adding that a supreme council for knowledge-based economy would be established at the university.