Fluoride Therapy Reduces DMFT in Children

Fluoride Therapy Reduces DMFT in ChildrenFluoride Therapy Reduces DMFT in Children

The number of decayed, missing or filled teeth (DMFT) among 12-year-old school kids has reduced to 1.8 from 2.09 according to a recent survey, said Dr. Saeed Asgari, secretary of the Health Ministry’s Oral Health Council. “The slight drop was a result of the nationwide fluoride therapy program underway in almost all schools of the country,” he said at the 57th Exhibition and Congress of Iranian Dental Association, Borna News Agency reported. The fluoride therapy program aims to reduce children’s DMFT to below one. It was launched following a study of children’s dental health, the Oral Health Council directed focus toward prevention of tooth decay by initiating a scheme for children under 14 as the first step. The study revealed that 83% of the DMFTs are due to bacterial infection. “Our results show about 40% of 12-year-old students have zero DMFTs, a 10% increase compared with the previous assessment,” Asgari noted.

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