Salt in Traditional Bread Reduced

Salt in Traditional Bread ReducedSalt in Traditional Bread Reduced

The amount of salt in traditional bread or ‘nan’ in Iran had been reduced by 50% over the past decade, said Dr. Majid Faraji, board member of the Iranian Nutrition Society. “As the staple food item in the food pyramid of Iranians, the quality of bread is highly important in the general health of people,” he was quoted by ISNA as saying. Iranians receive about 35% of their daily requirement of carbohydrate from bread, according to him. An ultimatum was issued in 2015 to all bakeries to reduce the amount of salt in all types of traditional bread. After the measure, the salt amount in breads has been reduced from the previous 2.3% to 1%. However, the amount remains high (nearly 2%) in certain cities including Tehran.


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