Early Registration for Afghan School Students

Early Registration for Afghan School StudentsEarly Registration for Afghan School Students

Refugee students’ registration at Iranian schools will start from late June which is three months sooner than registration of Iranian students, said Seyed Ali Hosseini, deputy head of the International Affairs Office at the Education Ministry. Refugee students who have studied in Iran’s schools for more than two years don’t need to renew the ID cards issued to them by the Interior Ministry. “But new students and those who received the cards last year need to go to the ministry’s centers for registration and administrative affairs for refugees in the 31 provinces to receive or renew documents,” ISNA quoted him as saying. There are 386,000 refugee students in Iranian schools, among whom 360,000 are of Afghan origin. New students are obliged to apply for the education-purpose-only cards that are issued by the ministry. In May 2016, Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs (BAFIA) said unregistered refugees in the country, mostly Afghans, who enroll their children in Iranian schools will not be deported.


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