‘Positive’ Discrimination Can Redress Gender Inequality

‘Positive’ Discrimination Can Redress Gender Inequality‘Positive’ Discrimination Can Redress Gender Inequality

Achieving gender equality in economic activities requires “positive discrimination in favor of women,” says the president’s legal research deputy Mohsen Ghasemi.

The official said “positive discrimination can optimize and increase women’s participation in entrepreneurship and economy and it means granting privileges to women in a manner that creates employment equality between men and women,” he said, reports ILNA.

Specific tax and custom exemptions, facilitating loans and their reimbursement and also easy permits for economic activities, should be the privileges to support women’s presence in the economic arena, he said. However, to put into practice such ‘positive discrimination’ needs legislation, he noted.

“Such legislation has been implemented in many countries, while in Iran only primary studies have been carried out. No serious action has been taken yet to enact a law in this regard,” Ghasemi noted.

He said “comprehensive research is required to formulate an all-inclusive enactment based on the economic needs of the country,” and voiced willingness for the conduct of the study by the legal research office.

On the revision of certain legislation regarding women, Ghasemi said the president’s deputy on women and family affairs is in charge of such measures, but “the legal deputy is ready to contribute and collaborate in any matter.”