Students Help Free 3 Inmates

Students Help Free 3 InmatesStudents Help Free 3 Inmates

During the Teacher’s Week (May 1-7), students of the Me’raj High School for girls, in District 5 of Tehran Municipality, praised their teachers’ selfless devotion to the student community.

In appreciation of teachers’ efforts, the students also took to raising money through charitable events, and used the proceeds to clear the debts of three prison inmates (not teachers) charged with unintentional financial crimes.  “One of the inmates was in jail for two years and was not able to pay his debts of $875,” said Mehran Montazer, CEO of Haami Charity Organization.  The other two were also in jail for minor financial offenses, IRNA reported.

Given that such prisoners “are not really criminals or swindlers,” keeping them in prison can have adverse psychological impact on them. Their families also face severe financial problems. Therefore, people’s charity is crucial to help set them free.


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