200 Aftershocks Shake Khorasan Razavi

200 Aftershocks Shake Khorasan Razavi200 Aftershocks Shake Khorasan Razavi

Following the 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Sefidsang village in Khorasan Razavi Province on April 5, more than around 200 aftershocks raging between 1 and 5 magnitudes on Richter scale rattled the region, the Iranian Seismological Center’s website reported. The main quake killed two and wounded 40 people in the city, while 476 buildings sustained major damages (60%-100%), IRNA quoted Mojtaba Khaledi, spokesperson of the national Emergency Services Organization, as saying. No individual was killed or injured in the aftershocks while 36 injured people were discharged from hospitals and only four are still in hospital in Mashhad and Torbat-e-Jam cities. Morteza Salimi, head of Relief and Rescue Organization at Iranian Red Crescent Organization (IRCS), said on Friday that emergency shelters and food were provided to 5,488 quake-stricken people. Many people living in nearby cities and villages are camping outdoors in fear of more tremors. One of the most-earthquake prone regions in Iran, Khorasan Razavi sits astride several major faults (21 active faults). During the past ten years 127 earthquakes stronger than 3.5 magnitude have jolted the province that his home to Iran’s holiest shrine city.


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