Hot Bath Equals 30-Minute Walk

Hot Bath Equals 30-Minute WalkHot Bath Equals 30-Minute Walk

A research group at Loughborough University in England has found that relaxing in the hot bath burns 130 calories, which is about the amount you’ll burn on a half-hour walk

They examined the theory with 14 men who were put through two tests: a one-hour bicycle ride and a one-hour bath in 104-degree-Fahrenheit water.

The blood sugar of all participants was also tracked for 24 hours after the tests, and peak blood sugar was around 10% lower when a bath was taken in place of the bike ride.

Results showed that a hot bath lowers blood sugar, and seems to have the same effect as exercise when it comes to the anti-inflammatory response post-activity, reports The idea of passive heating as a medical treatment is relatively new. A study in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal from 2015 suggests that spending time in saunas - another act of passive heating - may help ward off cardiovascular diseases.


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