Sistan Dust Storms Worsen

Sistan Dust Storms WorsenSistan Dust Storms Worsen

Sand and dust storms that engulfed the southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan Province on Monday increased in intensity on Tuesday (with wind speeds reaching 76 km/h) and will continue until the weekend, said Ali Molashahi from the provincial office of Iran Meteorological Organization.

“We forecast strong winds for Thursday and Friday which means the dust storm will persist, particularly in cities of Zabol, Zehak, Hirmand, and Nehbandan,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

The storms have disrupted traffic in several provinces, namely Zabol-Nehbandan, Zahedan-Bam, Iranshahr-Bam, and Chabahar-Jask. Windy weather will result in a drop in temperature between 10-15 centigrade in the northern and central regions of the province in the coming days.

Dust storms have created havoc in the south and southwestern provinces. Drying wetlands in southeastern Iran (like Hamoun Wetland) have become major sources of the sand and dust storms. Excessive dam construction, declining precipitation and global warming have exacerbated the region’s plight as it struggles with ever increasing levels of toxic pollution.


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