Biospecimens From 6 Countries in IBRC

Biospecimens From 6 Countries in IBRCBiospecimens From 6 Countries in IBRC

Foreign biological specimens from six countries are stored in optimum conditions at Iranian Biological Research Center, managing director Abolhassan Shahzadeh-Fazli said Monday.

“Currently 33,000 biospecimens in 27 collection sets are being stored at the center,” he was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency. The number of the biological laboratory specimens increases by 10% every year. Biospecimens are materials taken from the human body, such as tissue, blood, plasma, and urine that can be used for cancer diagnosis and analysis. These samples are removed when patients have a biopsy, surgery, or other procedure, to be stored and used for later research. Taking stock of the collaboration with foreign scientists and scholars from across the world, Shahzadeh-Fazli said the IBRC, established in 2007, intends to become an exporter of biospecimen.

Spain, India, Belgium, Algeria, Iraq and Egypt are among the countries which send their samples to Iran for storage.

“These countries have their own biobanks but Iran has better conditions for holding their samples, so they are interested in having their samples kept at the Iranian Biological Center,” he said.

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