‘Chaharshanbe Suri’ Quieter

‘Chaharshanbe Suri’ Quieter‘Chaharshanbe Suri’ Quieter

This year’s celebrations known as ‘Chaharshanbe Suri’ of the last Tuesday of the outgoing Iranian year,  was the most peaceful in the past decade with the rate of calls to police or emergency services seeing a decline by 15% across the country.

It is celebrated by Iranians by lighting bonfires in the streets and jumping over them “to shake off the darkness of winter and welcome the lightness of spring,” a Persian ritual passed down since ancient Zoroastrian times to welcome the New Persian Year ‘Norouz’ (starts March 21).

Unfortunately, the ancient tradition has transformed over time from a simple bonfire to the use of firecrackers and explosive materials that cause grievous injuries in many instances.

While two people lost their lives on Tuesday, seven people died earlier in an explosives blast in a residential unit last week in Ardebil.

According to official data provided by the Law Enforcement Forces and emergency services, a total of 2,000 people with injuries were provided outpatient treatment, indicating a 50% decrease compared to the same period last year, ISNA reported.

Also, 600 injured people were hospitalized, a 29% decline. A total of 1,389 men and 48 women were arrested in connection with storing or trading of illegal explosives.

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