Zanjan Ambulances to Carry O Blood Type

Zanjan Ambulances to Carry O Blood TypeZanjan Ambulances to Carry O Blood Type

Blood from the group O positive and negative has been distributed to ambulances in city of Zanjan, the capital of Zanjan Province as per a memorandum of understanding signed between Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) and the national Emergency Medical Services (EMS). O negative blood can be transfused into any patient and O positive can be given to people with O+, A+, B+, AB+ blood types. The plan allows emergency blood transfusions to be administered at the scene of accidents sooner, rather than later in hospitals. The blood is kept in a special box, which can preserve four units of O blood at a steady 4 degree centigrade temperature for up to 72 hours. Unused blood can be returned to hospital storage after 72 hours. If successful the plan will be extended to all cities across the country, IRNA reported.

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