Rehab for Drug Addicts

 Rehab for Drug Addicts
 Rehab for Drug Addicts

So far, 1,080 homeless addicts have been admitted to rehab camps across Tehran Province, said Anoushiravan Mohseni Bandpei, head of the State Welfare Organization (SWO) on Wednesday.

“Homeless addicts have been rounded up and sent to centers in 12 cities in provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Sistan-Baluchestan, Gilan, Yazd, and Qazvin,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

SWO teams in rehab centers screen addicts and those with viral diseases receive necessary medical treatment.

There are 2,300 NGOs active in the field of rehabilitation of drug addicts in the country. Social workers also help refer recovered addicts to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to find them suitable jobs.

The primary aim of the NGOs is to develop preventive programs to fight addiction and provide free-of-charge health services to addicts, but some are active in the field of creating jobs for rehabilitated addicts as well as other social services, according to the Iran Drug Control Headquarters.

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