Designated Areas for Norouz Vendors

Designated Areas for Norouz VendorsDesignated Areas for Norouz Vendors

Street vending on the last weekend of the year has been banned on certain streets and road junctions in Tehran which see heavy traffic during the day. Every year, thousands of vendors take to the streets of the capital city on the eve of Norouz, the Persian New Year (begins March 21),  and sell their products at much lower prices than the stores and shopping centers who normally hike up prices for the millions of shoppers. “Specific areas have been allocated for the vendors to conduct business and they have been informed to stay clear of the 48 specified streets and junctions,” said Abolqasem Chizari, director general in charge of Tehran Municipality’s office to manage municipal districts and areas, IRNA reported. To prevent any potential losses, the allocated areas for vendors are in proximity to the 48 crowded junctions which see a large number of people and cars leading to congested traffic for hours together.


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