Funding for New Ambulances

Funding for New Ambulances

Ten percent of car insurance revenue will be allocated to the ministry of health to purchase ambulances, member of the Majlis Health Commission, Hamid Reza Azizi Farsani said.
Hospital transportation fleets are inefficient and dilapidated, with ambulance models dating back to nearly a decade ago; while the ‘service live’ of the vehicles are in fact not more than five years, he said, ICANA reported.
In addition to replacing old ambulances, new hospitals and emergency service centers have been established which also require new ambulances, the lawmaker noted.
The ministry of health has the option to draw on ten percent under the targeted subsidy plan and one percent of the value added tax as part of the required funds to purchase ambulances.
The plan “to inject ten percent of car insurance revenue into the ministry of health to rehabilitate the emergency service centers, acquire new ambulances, and replace the existing over-used vehicles has been ratified by lawmakers and “ will address several problems in the health sector.”
Earlier, Minister of Health and Medical Education Hassan Hashemi had announced that there are 3000 ambulances and more than 2000 emergency service centers across the country.


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