Addiction Is Genetic

Addiction Is GeneticAddiction Is Genetic

About 20%-70% of addiction vulnerability is genetic, said Hamidreza Khorram-Khorshid, president of Tehran’s University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences. “Many genes influence addiction, and like most other diseases, addiction vulnerability is a very complex trait,” he told IRNA. “Many factors determine the likelihood of a person to become an addict, including both inherited and environmental factors.” Between 10 and 500 genes could be responsible for a trait in the body. Research shows that genes are responsible for about half the risk for addiction, and while genetics is not the sole determinant, the presence or absence of genes may increase the likelihood of a person becoming a substance abuser. “That is why genetic screening for such genes could help thwart the chances of getting addicted later on in life,” Khorram-Khorshid said.

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