New Approach in School Counseling

New Approach in School CounselingNew Approach in School Counseling

A new approach is being introduced in the education system with emphasis on counseling, said Deputy Minister of Education Mehdi Feyz.

“To implement the newly strategy, the departments of elementary and middle education should propose to the Education Ministry’s Training Department, a series of activities that would be included in the extracurricular programs devised on the basis of students’ requirements,” IRNA quoted Feyz as saying on Monday.

He was addressing the second day of a meeting among the ministry’s deputies of middle education, at Farhangian Club in Tehran.

Feyz who is the training and cultural deputy at the ministry, reminded that “If education edifices have no concepts of substance, they will eventually be subjective, based on personal tastes or opinions, and fail to realize the educational goals.”

He said the Comprehensive System for School Counseling is being devised and its completion would require time. 

According to the system, students from pre-school to 9th grade will be guided by teachers as per their interests and inclinations. However, school counselors would be available at all grades. 

“As a short-term solution, we sent provincial departments guidelines specifying our new approach in school counseling and building capacities, based on maximum response to students’ requirements. 

With “reverse engineering,” a process by which knowledge or information from earlier methods is extracted and re-produced into something better based on the extracted information, the society’s need for various educational majors can be identified. 

The new approach for school counseling will focus on students’ interest.

Feyz said the school counseling guidelines are based on two criteria: firstly on a number of expert recommendations; and secondly, outlining a series of priorities for certain groups of students. 

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