Sleep Enhances Learning

Sleep Enhances Learning Sleep Enhances Learning

A new study has consolidated the old wives tale that sleeping on an idea can actually bring clarity to it, as going to bed is a key part of the human learning process. And sleep deprivation, insomnia and taking sleeping pills are all putting us “in danger” of losing memories, Medical Xpress reported. A team from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, found that sleep allows us to solidify lessons learned and then use them when we wake up. Lead author Graham Diering said, “Sleep is not really downtime for the brain. It has important work to do then, and we in the developed world are shortchanging ourselves by skimping on it.” Earlier in September, a study showed that while we sleep, the brain works harder to process the memories we value more highly. So study sessions before going to bed were more conducive to remembering, than morning lessons.

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