Healthy Baby From 14-Year-Old Frozen Embryo

Healthy Baby From 14-Year-Old Frozen EmbryoHealthy Baby From 14-Year-Old Frozen Embryo

The birth of a healthy baby girl from a 14-year-old frozen embryo was registered on Saturday in Isfahan city. According to fertility specialists, it is the first such birth from a 14-year-old frozen embryo. The previous successful record was held by an 11-year-old frozen embryo. “Until now, no embryo frozen for this long has resulted in a live birth. The 42-year-old mother of the baby (who won her battle against Hodgkin’s lymphoma) is in a good health,” said Dr Seyed Asadollah Kalantari, a board member of Isfahan’s Infertility Treatment Center, IRNA reported. Currently, 100,000 frozen embryos have been stored at the center, he added. To date, freezing embryos (fertilized eggs) created by in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most widely used and effective method of preserving fertility, in particular for cancer patients who undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments. 


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