People Join Hands to Help Plasco Survivors

People Join Hands to Help Plasco Survivors
People Join Hands to Help Plasco Survivors

In the wake of the Plasco Building collapse, people not only in the capital Tehran, but the entire country have joined hands to help alleviate the grief of those who survived the tragedy.

The rehabilitation center of Tehran’s University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, said it is ready to provide the injured with rehabilitative services free of charge.

Built as Tehran’s first high-rise in 1962, the 17-storey commercial building turned into rubble last Thursday after a more than three-hour blaze brought the building down, burying firefighters, business owners and workers.

The garment business hub housed 600 plus retail shops and clothing workshops filled with stacks of mostly locally produced apparel. The retailers were fully stocked in the run-up to the Iranian New Year Norouz, which falls on March 21. 

Some 3,000 people, including 2,200 workers, lost their jobs in the incident that has left Iranians in shock and tears.

The Asma Rehabilitation Center said it would provide the injured, and those still working at the site to retrieve bodies, with specific splints for shoulders, arms, elbows and hands, free of cost.

“The special splints can also be used to cover burnt skin, as it both heals fast and prevents it from wrinkling,” said head of the center, Dr. Maryam Farzad, Mehr News Agency reported.

“Other services to bring relief to shoulders, arms, elbows, and hands after a break or fracture are also offered at the center free of charge,” she added.

Ordinary citizens seem to have beaten the authorities in reaching out to those affected by the incident. From across the country, people have joined in solidarity to help the victims get back on their feet.

  Offer to Hire Plasco Jobless

Tens of private clothing workshops and fashion houses also expressed willingness to hire people who lost their jobs in the Plasco mishap.

They have also launched an online campaign, ‘I_Also_Burned’ to collect whatever type of help is needed to assist the affected and also contribute to raising awareness to prevent potential future disasters.

The shopping center ‘Kuwaitis’ Bazaar’ adjacent to the once-sprawling Plasco mall has also put up banners asking people to visit its shops and get hired.

Common people and business owners have come forward to provide workers with space to continue with their business and make a living for at least six months, free of charge.

As of January 19, when the building crumbled, residents from several neighborhoods have regularly prepared food and drinks for the tireless rescue teams which are still clearing the site hoping to find the dozens buried under the rubble.

Firefighters from departments in other provinces also arrived in Tehran as of Friday to help their compadres in finding the missing people.

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