Less Salt in Breads

Less Salt  in Breads Less Salt  in Breads

Iranians consume the most bread per capita (160 kg per person) in the world after Turkey with 199.6 kg per person, as per official figures. “In an average Iranian’s diet, bread provides 80% of iron, 45% of protein, and 30% of calcium required each day to stay healthy,” said Ali Akbar Sayyari, deputy minister of health, on the sidelines of the first national conference on Iranian bread products, held on Wednesday at Bahman Cultural Center in Tehran. He pointed to different kinds of traditional breads and said the ministry’s studies have indicated that at present, the amount of salt in 99% of ‘sangak’ breads has been reduced to the standard level of less than 1%. However, the amount of salt in 76% of ‘barbari’ and 74% in ‘lavash’ breads is still higher than 1%.”


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