Soldier Loses Leg to Save Dog

Soldier Loses Leg to Save Dog
Soldier Loses Leg to Save Dog

A young Iranian conscript, Muhammad Baakhtar, lost one of his legs in a landmine explosion while trying to save a dog that was trapped in a barbed wire fence at his garrison.

Baakhtar, 19, who lives in Mariwan City, Kurdistan Province, started his mandatory military service a year ago.

Recently, when he was on day patrol, he saw a dog stuck in the fence. “It reminded me of my own sheepdog ‘Qataar’ (literally train). I named him Qataar as he used to run like a high-speed train,” he told the Persian language newspaper ‘Iran’.

After he finished his duty, he rushed to the fence to rescue the dog. “My first try was unsuccessful; then I used more force to pull the animal out. Finally, I succeeded”.

But he was so engrossed in his task that he forgot for a moment that land mines were planted around the fence. “I was aware of the land mines but forgot while I was trying to pull out the dog that was in great pain.”  

“My happiness was short-lived because suddenly a landmine exploded under my right foot and I fell unconscious.”

He was transferred by other soldiers to a hospital after the accident but lost his right leg.

When he was discharged from hospital, Masumeh Ebtekar, head of the Department of Environment (DoE) and hundreds of Marivani people came to thank him for his valor. “I don’t regret what I did. From my point of view animals are no less valuable than human beings. We shouldn’t be indifferent and insensitive to animals especially when they are suffering,” he added.

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