Iranian-Islamic Fashion Fest

Iranian-Islamic Fashion FestIranian-Islamic Fashion Fest

The first ‘Islamic-Iranian Fashion Festival’ with the aim of promoting modern Islamic clothing designs and patterns, is planned to be organized by the Tehran Municipality’s office of women’s affairs. The festival will see designers competing “to create various Islamic cloth and fabric patterns,” ISNA reported.

Designers participating in the competition must pay attention to parameters such ‘as originality, conformity with Islamic and Iranian life style, comfort, and use of vivid colors; while avoiding non-indigenized designs.”  

The outfits will be evaluated by a panel of judges according to innovation and creativity, color harmony, compliance with the popular culture and Islamic-Iranian values, technicalities (such as cut, stitching and fabric quality), and suitability for bulk production at reasonable prices. The winning designers will be awarded with trophies and cash prize.

The festival will be held in conjunction with two other programs, the ‘Recycled Creativity Festival’ and a photography exhibition depicting Islamic women’s activity, as part of the third Tasnim festival from December 29-January 5 at the TM’s exhibition center located in Goft-o-Gou Park.  

In addition to the above programs, the festival also includes workshops for participants from diverse age groups regarding “choices of clothing, traditional Iranian embroideries, color theory, and outfit decoration.” Exhibition of formal clothing for various jobs is another program included in the festival.