Iranian Police Seek Cordial Ties With People

Iranian Police Seek Cordial Ties With People
Iranian Police Seek Cordial Ties With People

The Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) has prioritized the people's satisfaction and intends to step up efforts to follow up on all the calls made to the hotline for public complaints against the police, said Tehran Police Chief Brigadier General Hussein Sajedinia.

"Over the past eight months a total of 88,000 calls were made by Tehranis alone," he said on Sunday, ISNA reported.

The hotline can be reached at 197 to file a complaint about the policies and services provided by the police, or the conduct of a policeman. It is also used to make proposals or appreciate services provided by the police.

According to the LEF Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari, more than 400,000 calls were made to the hotline nationwide.

Sajedinia said the number of calls has seen a 7% increase compared with the corresponding period last year, while the number of valid calls grew by 8% and were legitimately pursued.

"About 20% of the callers wanted consultation and guidance on various rules and regulations, and 80% of the calls were messages including complaints and suggestions."

Police forces have tried to follow up on 90% of the calls, Ashtari maintained, adding that a total of 13.4 million calls were made to police stations across the country with public complaints, ILNA reported.

Sajedinia added that removing existing shortcomings and getting tangible results from the measures taken as well the projects implemented top the LEF agenda.

"All evaluation processes must be centered on optimizing police services to th masses and to their satisfaction," he stressed. "The hotline was a step in that direction seeks to ensure that all services have the desired impact."

The Prevention Police Department, Traffic Police, Criminal Investigation Department, and the Public Security Police Department claimed the largest share in positive feedback, he said. The hotline will be promoted in a number of ways to further develop cordial relations between the police and the public.

The LEF has more than 60,000 police personnel and operates under the auspices of the Interior Ministry.

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