Iran’s First Female Urologist Lauded

Iran’s First Female Urologist LaudedIran’s First Female Urologist Lauded

Iran’s first female urologist was honored at the 1st International Congress of Neurology that started on Thursday, December 8, in Tehran. Dr Farzaneh Sharifi Aqdas took up the major about 30 years ago to become the first female specialist in urology in Iran. She made innovations in fields of treatments for urinary incontinence and proposed a method on using electric currents to treat urinary problems for the first time in the Middle East. The congress focuses on areas including urology, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatric urology, regenerative urology, colorectal surgery, radiology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. Attended by representatives from the World Federation of Neurology, and specialists from the US, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iran, the event at Tehran’s Espinas Hotel wraps up on December 10.

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