Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy CostsSurrogacy Costs

In 2002, the Majlis (parliament) passed a law that permitted surrogacy for infertile married couples and it was approved by the Guardian Council.

Surrogate mothers should receive $7000 (250 million rials) for carrying through the pregnancy; however as per unofficial data, the amount paid depends on factors like age and physical health of the surrogate mothers, IRNA reported. 

Other costs associated with medical tests and treatments, and medications should also be paid by the genetic parents. Annually, around 2,000 babies are born through surrogacy in Tehran alone. 

“At present, there are around 70 infertility clinics across the country performing gestational surrogacy,” said Alireza Milanifar, a senior official at the Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center in Tehran.

Surrogacy, also known as gestational care, is a family creating option for infertile couples who want a child with genetic ties, and have not had success with other “first-line” assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments.

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