No Smartphones for Children Under 3

No Smartphones for Children Under 3No Smartphones for Children Under 3

Children under the age of three should not use digital devices such as mobile phones or tablets, says a cyberspace researcher.

“Cone cells, one of the three types of photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye, continue to develop until that critical age, and use of such devices will harm the process,” said Dr. Zahra Mahmoudi.

She added that from birth until they turn two, children are in the sensorimotor period. During this time, children use their senses and actions to learn and grow, Borna News Agency reported.

“This is an important cognitive development, and parents should help the process by engaging in other activities that help their children’s growth,” she noted. 

According to global studies, nearly two in five children have used a tablet or smartphone before they could speak in full sentences. Over 40% of children under the age of two have used a mobile device for playing games, watching videos or other media-related purposes.


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