TM Should Shelter the Homeless

TM Should Shelter the HomelessTM Should Shelter the Homeless

The increase in the number of homeless people in the capital is a worrisome development. Some figures point to the presence of 3,000 homeless women on the streets of Tehran and although the problem has been building up over the past couple of years, no effective solution has been found, a member of the Social Committee of the Majlis maintained.

Abbas Salehi called for the establishment of a working group comprising municipal officials and charity organizations to tackle the problem and voiced concern especially over the growing number of homeless women, Icana reported.

‘’The Tehran Municipality (TM) has made some attempts to provide shelter for homeless women in winter days but this is not adequate,’’ he said.

The very existence of homeless women is an ‘’ugly phenomenon and a social malady’’ which has to be effectively addressed. ‘’The municipality has the capability to set up public places for the homeless and provide separate accommodation for women,’’ he maintained.

Salehi noted that besides the municipality, other organizations including the Police Department and the Social Welfare Organization need to join forces to take part in the mission to address the homelessness problem.


The lawmaker stressed the need for the TM to play the lead role in any collaboration between the relevant bodies tackling homelessness and said the ministry of interior and the Majlis committee should send representatives to oversee the work of the special working group.

Salehi also emphasized the role of parliament in supporting special shelters for homeless women and said ‘’Majlis can make amendments to the social welfare laws to bring homeless people under the cover of welfare organizations.’’