Lab Technicians Lacking

Lab Technicians LackingLab Technicians Lacking

The lack of sufficient pharmacy technicians is the biggest deterrent to the food labeling program outlined in the Health Reform Plan, said Hossein Rastgar, head of laboratories at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in a meeting with food and drug deputies of medical science universities.

Recruitment of specialist pharmacy technicians with PhT certificates (Pharmacy Technician certificate) is a prerequisite for implementation of the ‘food control’ program, ILNA reported. Food contamination refers to the presence in food of harmful chemicals and micro-organisms which can cause consumer illness.  The official expressed hope that the program’s implementation will guarantee food safety in the country.

Rastgar noted that the success of the program depends on equipping laboratories with “the state of the art technologies and skilled manpower” to remain updated on emerging food contaminants.”New food contaminants are emerging everyday and to fight them, we need modern lab technologies,” he added.