Self-Care for AIDS Patients

Self-Care for AIDS PatientsSelf-Care for AIDS Patients

The director of the center for prevention and treatment of drug abuse at the Social Welfare Organization (SWO) Dr. Majid Rezazadeh, announced that 3600 AIDS patients are covered by the “Positive Clubs.” At present 33 clubs are active in 18 provinces of the country, including 8 in Tehran, ISNA reported.

Experts at the clubs train AIDS patients to prevent transmission of the virus to other people. Also they are offered advice by social workers on how to address individual and family problems. Further, nutrition counseling and psychotherapy are among the services.

The clubs have been established to support and empower patients and reduce risky behavior.  “Employment and empowerment of the patients are the main goals of the clubs,” he said. In order to enhance skills, workshop are held where participants are given technical and vocational training for employment in the labor market, he added.