Lack of Safe Heating

Lack of Safe HeatingLack of Safe Heating

According to figures released in 2013, from among 530,000 classrooms in the country, 211,000 (nearly 40%) didn’t have safe heating systems. Between 2013 and 2015, nearly $194.4 million was allocated to replace outdated heating systems with modern ones in 107,000 classrooms; however around 104,000 classrooms are still using the unsafe oil heaters, reported.  “We plan to replace heating systems in 50,000 more classrooms across the country by the end of the current year in March 2017,” said Morteza Raeisi, head of the Organization for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools. From February 1998 to 2012, there were at least seven school fires due to faulty heating systems in Iran, killing four students and severely injuring 63.

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