Street Vendors Day

Street Vendors DayStreet Vendors Day

On the occasion of International Street Vendors Day (observed globally on November 14), a specialized seminar will be held in Tehran on November 13 at Tehran University’s Social Sciences Campus. The seminar is organized by Iran Sociology Association in cooperation with the university’s Institute of Social Studies and Research, ILNA reported. The occasion celebrates the contributions made by street vendors to their local communities and to national development. Urban attitudes and responses to street vendors vary around the globe, but everywhere they are at the heart of the debate about regulating the informal economy. Last year (ended in March 19), Tehran Municipality decided to organize the vendors in the vicinity of Tehran Grand Bazaar by issuing them IDs and allocating specific time during the day to legally sell their wares. In August, it announced plans to classify and organize subway vendors instead of resorting to crackdowns and

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