Dietary Fiber Intake Low

Dietary Fiber Intake LowDietary Fiber Intake Low

An average adult Iranian consumes only 15-20 grams of fiber per day while the necessary dietary fiber intake to prevent colon diseases is 30 grams, said Seyed Mohesen Tavaliat Kashani, colorectal surgeon, on the sidelines of the 10th Annual Congress on Coloproctology.  Increased fiber intake decreases the risk of colorectal cancer, as it reduces the amount of time that wastes travel through the colon. “As the waste often contains carcinogens, it is best if it is removed as quickly as possible,” quoted him as saying. The congress was held last week at Gharazi Hospital in Isfahan, and 120 surgeons including from Germany, the US, and the UK, attended the event.

New techniques  in laparoscopy, and hemorrhoids surgery were the main topics discussed.


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