New Law Bans Cold Weapons

An estimated 60% of the 291 murders in the past six months were committed using cold weapons.An estimated 60% of the 291 murders in the past six months were committed using cold weapons.

As per a new law passed by the parliament on Wednesday, no one is allowed to carry, make, import or sell any type of cold weapons.

According to a report by the parliament’s news agency ICANA, the majority of lawmakers in an open session voted for the new legislation that prohibits carrying, making, importing and selling various types of cold weapons.

The general outlines of the bill were approved after 172 votes in favor, 53 against, and nine abstentions from among the 234 MPs present in the 290-member chamber.

Lawmakers recommended two clauses to be added to Article 617 of the Islamic Penal Code approved in July 1991 and ratified by the Expediency Council in November of that year. The article states that anyone brandishing knives or any type of weapon to bully or create anxiety, or disturb individuals in an attempt to extort or threaten them will be imprisoned from six months up to two years, and receive 74 lashes.

Clause 1 criminalizes carrying cold weapons such as machetes, swords, switchblades, cleavers, broadswords, brass knuckles, and other tools that are used in hand-to-hand combat and for the intention of physical harm to other people.

  Punitive Measures

It states that in addition to confiscating the tools, anyone carrying, importing, selling, or making these weapons will be punished according to Grade 6 penalty in the Islamic Penal Code, which entails imprisonment for six months to two years, cash penalty of more than 20 million rials up to 80 million rials, ($579-$2,300), 31-99 lashes, social restrictions for over six months to five years, publicizing the sentence on mass media, and prohibition of economic activity for up to five years.

Clause 2 stipulates that making, selling, or carrying the items listed in Clause 1 for specific purposes such as sporting endeavors, art performances, education, or personal security needs as per requirements of a job or self defense are allowed only after obtaining the necessary license.

An executive bylaw is to be drawn up by judicial authorities in cooperation with the Law Enforcement Forces within three months of the passage of the law, and with Cabinet approval, on the license protocol.

During the Majlis session, Brigadier General Abbas-Ali Mohammadian, the chief of Tehran’s Criminal Police, stated that 60% of the 291 murders (236 men and 55 women) in the past six months were committed using cold weapons.

Of these, Tehran Province with 56 deaths, Fars Province with 25, and Khorasan Razavi Province with 21 deaths were in the lead.

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